Domestic Violence

NCJW advances the well-being and status of women by working for laws, policies and programs that protect every woman and child from all forms of abuse, exploitation, harassment, and violence.

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    Aid to Victims of Domestic Abuse (AVDA): AVDA, established by NCJW GHS in 1980, provides a unique blend of services including advocacy, legal representation, a batterers’ intervention counseling program, and community education and outreach. The NCJW GHS Client Emergency Assistance Fund provides unrestricted funds so that AVDA can address the full range of needs for all who utilize their services and continue its goal of turning victims into survivors.

    The NCJW Client Emergency Assistance Fund provides much-needed assistance to survivors of domestic abuse who are in truly desperate circumstances.

    Examples of how these unrestricted funds have helped AVDA clients include:

    • Electricity bill payment for a woman who missed work and lost pay because she was recovering from serious injuries after being assaulted by her abuser.
    • Rent assistance for a mother of three who lost her job because her abusive husband repeatedly showed up to her workplace and threatened her. She was later rehired and AVDA secured a Protective Order for her.
    • Payment for a required home social study for a grandparent adopting a grandchild after the mother was murdered by the father.
    • Hiring a locksmith to change the locks on a client’s home after her abuser was ordered to leave.
    • Translator fees for a custody trial in which the mother was fighting for custody of her children who had been sexually abused by the father.
    • Help with car payments for a mother of three who was in the process of rebuilding her life after leaving her abusive husband. She had just started a new job but did not have enough to pay the minimum amount needed to avoid repossession.
    • New prescription glasses for a client who had suffered a stroke; with her old glasses she had frequent headaches and trouble reading.
    • Rent assistance for a mother who escaped from her abusive husband with her child. She used her savings for the deposit for a new apartment but was unable to come up with the entire first month’s rent.

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