Children & Education

NCJW Greater Houston Section strives to advance the well-being of children and families through quality early childhood, public, and advanced education initiatives. For more information, contact

Upcoming Community Service, Programs, and Advocacy


    Back 2 School Store: This is a one-day annual shopping experience for under-served elementary school students enrolled in the HIPPY program, a program initiated in Houston ISD by NCJW Greater Houston Section. With the assistance of an NCJW GHS volunteer personal shopper, the children “shop” and select free new clothing, coats, shoes, school supplies, and personal care items. There is also a family resource center offering health and educational resources to the parents and siblings while they wait. Both sponsorship and volunteer opportunities are available – contact for more information.


    Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY): Founded in Israel by NCJW at Hebrew University for Innovation in Education, HIPPY was brought to the Houston Independent School District (HISD) in the 1990’s. HIPPY empowers parents as primary educators of their preschool children in the home and fosters parent involvement in school and community life to maximize the chances of successful early school experiences. It is a 30-week program that teaches parents to be their 3-5 year-old child’s first teacher.

    Through the Houston Independent School District (HISD), HIPPY currently serves over 600 families. HISD Research and Accountability has found that the HIPPY program produces statistically significant results for children in the program. Pre and post testing of children shows those who have gone through the program do better in school and are less likely to drop out than non-HIPPY graduates. Each feature of the HIPPY model was chosen and developed to allow participation of parents who not might otherwise be involved in their children’s education. Although HIPPY is for any parent who wants educational enrichment for his/her child, the HIPPY model was designed to remove barriers to participation such as lack of education, poverty, and social isolation. Learn more about HIPPY or Watch the Video.


    Joy of Reading at the House of Tiny Treasures: House of Tiny Treasures (HTT) is a fully accredited child care facility run through SEARCH Homeless Services that addresses the needs of children whose parents are homeless, but also in school or job training. Every four months, NCJW GHS members provide free books and story time for the children attending the House of Tiny Treasures with the Joy of Reading program. At every visit, each child is given a brand new book to take with them at the end of the day and a hands-on cooking lesson that teaches the children simple, age appropriate, healthy, nutritious recipes. Learn more about HTT at

    healthfairsmallThe NCJW GHS House of Tiny Treasures Health Fair: This educational health fair is for parents of children attending House of Tiny Treasures. The Health Fair allows parents to learn about community services available to them, the developmental health needs of their children, and the importance of preventative and healthy doctor visits. While the parents participate in the health fair, NCJW GHS members provide fun, educational experiences for their children.


    Preparation for Adult Living (PAL): The PAL program is designed to meet the needs of formerly abused and neglected teens in foster care and custody of Harris County Protective Services as they prepare to leave the system. NCJW GHS provides gifts and volunteers for the annual PAL conference, which teaches teens the basics of managing personal finance and how to succeed after leaving the care of protective services. For more information about PAL, download this PDF or email


    Community Service Scholarship Project: CommunityServiceScholarship1The Community Service Scholarship Project of NCJW GHS annually provides multiple scholarships to the agencies we support to award to their clients. The goal of the Community Service Scholarship Project is to provide assistance to fill the gaps in the unmet needs of agency clients/participants. The maximum amount awarded per applicant per year is $500.00. Greater Houston NCJW provides scholarships to the agencies we support to pursue special projects that they have identified as central to their mission.

    img_7893Lee K. Feine Scholarship: The Greater Houston Section annually awards a scholarship of $1,500 to a student entering the third year of college or graduate school who is preparing for a career that serves the greater community, such as education, health and social welfare, or Judaic studies. The scholarship is based on both academic excellence and need. Scholarships are awarded at a special event in the spring. The scholarship’s name honors Lee K Feine, a career woman who led the rebuilding of a once-shrinking section of NCJW GHS into the dynamic force it is today. For more information, contact

    APPLICATIONS: Posted in the Spring, applications and two written letters of recommendation are due in early March. (Download the Application)

    GENERAL REQUIREMENTS for Undergraduate and Graduate Students:

    • Must be college juniors or graduate students as of the following fall
    • Must be enrolled in their course of study for the following year
    • Must maintain a permanent residence in the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area, which includes Harris, Galveston, Fort Bend, Montgomery, Austin, Brazoria, Chambers, Liberty, San Jacinto, and Waller counties
    • Must be preparing for a career in a health profession, education, community or social services, or Jewish Studies
    • International students who are here on a student visa do not qualify

    NCJW GHS awards are equal opportunity; open to all students, without regard to gender, race, religion, or other. Awards are based on financial needs, academic achievement, and career goals.