Message from Executive Director to the Houston Chronicle

NCJW Greater Houston is proud to share our letter to the editor of the Houston Chronicle that was published this past Saturday.
The National Council of Jewish Women Greater Houston (NCJW) is struggling as our daughters and granddaughters are poised to have fewer rights than we have experienced. The effects of this extreme political jurisprudence are already rippling across our nation.
First, intimate medical decisions were removed from patients and medical professionals. Misguided politicians and anti-abortion activists using inflamed rhetoric worked for decades to overturn Roe. These politicians and activists are not medical professionals qualified to give advice. We weep for the obstetrician who must watch her patient die from a problematic pregnancy because the government made it illegal for her to save her life.
Second, our country’s founders, fleeing religious tyranny, created the First Amendment to guarantee the separation of church and state. Jewish tradition not only permits abortion but, in some cases, requires it. Restrictive abortion laws, rooted in a specific Christian understanding of when life begins, shatter our and others’ abilities to follow religious practices.
Third, Judaism teaches that humans are created in the divine image of God. From this core teaching flows the understanding that each human being deserves equal treatment and rights. Justice Ruth Ginsburg stated, “…when the government controls that decision for her, she’s being treated as less than a fully adult human.” It is unimaginable that in the United States, a state can force a girl to carry and deliver the child of her rapist to satisfy a political movement that removes her humanity, dignity, and equality.
The overturn of Roe took away medical, religious, and personal freedoms of women and their families. We are mourning this loss!