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As an NCJW Greater Houston Secion Member you are able to impact your community and the world at large. A $52.00 annual membership allows you to be a part of a growing grassroots network of courageous and compassionate individuals, who improve the lives of women, children, and families every day.

By becoming a member, you will have opportunities for advocacy and leadership across the country. Your membership dues enable us to bring our faith-based mission to bear on our key issues, and strengthens our grassroots network across the country.

Annual Membership is $52.00 and is a way to make a committment and support to the work we do.

Make a difference in your the Greater Houston Community, Texas, our Country, and Israel
Volunteer in community projects
Serve as advocate for those who cannot speak for themselves
Study in areas of progressive thought and learning
Research, educate, and be educated in the needs of the community
Build friendships and use your time in meaninful ways
Support the organization financially through dues

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