Israel Granting Programs

NCJW promotes policies and programs that promote peaceful co-existence within Israel and between Israel and its neighbors.

We Support:

  • Diplomatic, economic, and military assistance to Israel by the United States
  • Recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel
  • Efforts that counter attempts to delegitimize Israel
  • The empowerment of all women in Israel and the advancement of their status and rights
  • Policies, programs, and services that promote the well-being of all women, children, and families in Israel
  • Policies and programs in Israel that promote pluralism, inclusion, and equality for all its people in all aspects of their lives


Israel Granting Program: To address the critical challenges still facing women in Israel today, and to promote further progressive action, NCJW emphasizes empowerment and leadership programs for women and girls as well as gender equality as the cornerstones of NCJW’s Israel Granting Program. The Greater Houston Section is proud to join other regional sections in supporting progressive action in Israel. Read more about the program here

Grant recipients include organizations and programs designed to address Israeli women’s rights and well-being in areas such as economics, politics, education, domestic violence, and social justice. Supporting the Israel Granting Program is an ideal way to speak your mind on issues such as gender segregation in the public sphere, agunot rights, and other personal status issues that specifically affect women in Israel.

In addition, we are funding two new projects that I’m sure you’ll find very exciting for NCJW:

  •  NCJW Women and Gender Studies Program at Tel Aviv University (TAU): Development of an Alumni Association.  In 1998 NCJW started work to fund the very first Women and Gender Studies university program anywhere in Israel (and the Middle East!), and in 2001 the first students were enrolled. Now, for the first time, this academic program, which confers both BA’s and MA’s, will create an Alumni association with our grant. The graduates of the program will come together to support each other professionally, find ways to turn their learning into action, support the studies program through funding scholarships themselves and attract new students to the program.  This is an important strategic grant for us to enhance the original investment we made in this high-standard, highly-regarded, dynamic academic program.
  • Women Wage Peace: Israeli Salad – Inclusive Dialogue among Women from Different Communities: WWP is a new women’s non-partisan grassroots movement with the goal of bringing about the resolution of the Israel-Palestinian conflict in a non-violent manner. WWP aims to achieve a political agreement by influencing politicians, training women to be advocates, and through pressure applied by the Israeli public. The Israeli Salad project develops dialogue with women from communities that have been largely left out of conversations about peace and security.  In October 2016, I participated in the WWP March for Hope and it was a heady experience – with many thousands of Israeli and also Palestinian women joining together to march, sing, and shout for the end to violence around the Israel-Palestinian conflict – which affects all families –  and instead push government leaders back to the table to make an agreement!

All our Israel funds go to support women and children, and to strengthen democracy and civil society in Israel. This is a very important way for all NCJW sections and members to turn our values into action in our beloved Israel.