“I’m nervous about my daughter’s first day at school. I don’t want her to fall behind because of the little we have.”

“During the past 30 weeks, HISD’s HIPPY* instructors taught me how to teach my 5-year-old baby at home. Together we learned to love books, take turns, and play learning games. When she gets on the school bus, will she have what she needs?”

That’s why NCJW GHS supports HIPPY families. These moms have worked hard to learn to teach their kids, preparing them for school. Now it’s up to us to outfit them with the gear we buy for our own kids. Join with NCJW GHS for our third annual Back 2 School Store, where we will completely outfit an estimated 250 elementary-aged children from low-income families with everything they need for school (supplies, uniforms, coats, shoes, and more!) These preschoolers deserve the chance to grow and thrive!


We need more than 100 volunteers on Sunday, August 4, 2019. Morning, midday and late afternoon shifts are available.

  • Personal shoppers – Work individually with each child to help them select their items in the store. This is the best 4 hour volunteer experience you will ever have! Volunteers must be at least 18 years old. Male volunteers are also especially needed to help the boys.
  • Behind the scenes – We need people to help on the event day in a variety of functions – traffic control throughout the store, shoe fitters and more. Volunteers must be at least 18 years old.
  • Teenagers can help too – On the day of the store, teens (ages 16 & 17) can help keep the store well stocked and organized. We will happily complete any forms teenagers need to give them credit for community service hours.

Set Up

  • Setup –  The Friday before the store we need volunteers to help us with setting up. We will be un-boxing items, cutting price tags off clothing, arranging the clothing by size. Morning, afternoon and evening shifts are available. Food is provided for all volunteers who work an entire day.
  • Teenagers can help too – For setup, we can use teenagers (ages 14-17).  We will happily complete any forms teenagers need to give them credit for community service hours.



$15 Provides one student with underwear and socks
$50 Provides one student with a backpack full of school supplies
$100 Provides one student with 2 uniforms, 2 pairs of shoes, underwear, socks and a coat
$150 Provides one student with everything he or she needs


Sponsorship and underwriting opportunities are available starting at $500.

Contact info@ncjwhouston.org for more information.

Spread the Word

Invite your friends and family to volunteer with you! It’s a great opportunity for parents and teens to give back to the community together. Don’t forget your Facebook friends too!