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Talking Points for the Israel Granting Program (IGP) 


  1. What is NCJW’s Israel Granting Program? 


In Israel, NCJW supports efforts to strengthen gender equality, civil liberties and democracy – ensuring Israel’s future. NCJW looks at Israel through a gender lens, examining how to advance women throughout society – in education, in the workplace, in their homes and in the public halls of power. IGP supports organizations that improve the lives of women, children, and families through advocacy and community service projects. 


2. Who does NCJW support through IGP? 


NCJW supports organizations that have a demonstrated ability to provide critical programs addressing Israeli women’s rights and gender equality in the fields of economics, politics, peace-making, education, gender-based violence, and social justice. 


A full list of the programs NCJW supported in 2016-2017 can be found in “Israel at a Glance, 2016-17.” 


NCJW does not provide financial support for operating costs, deficits, repayment of loans, or as direct support to individuals. NCJW is an affirmative action employer and grant maker. Eligible applicants are expected to adhere to all non-discrimination laws in Israel. 


3. How does it fit into NCJW’s mission and history?   


The organizations to which we grant financial assistance must provide services consistent with NCJW’s goal of supporting gender equality and empowerment of women and girls in Israel, and strengthening democracy and civil society.  


Special consideration is given to organizations that collaborate or have strategic partnerships with others or can use NCJW funds to leverage other grants. 


 4. Why is NCJW the best organization to address and support specific programs in Israel?  


Active in Israel for nearly 70 years, NCJW is one of a very few funders worldwide that specifically responds to the needs of women and girls in Israel, helping them to help themselves and creating a legacy of education and empowerment.  


NCJW has exciting news: in partnership with the Dafna Fund in Israel, NCJW has just completed ground-breaking research on the achievements, challenges, and future trends of the feminist and women’s agenda in Israel. Our researcher, Dr. Nancy Strichman, interviewed over 300 women leaders, activists, academicians, policy-makers and journalists from all sectors of Israel society. Capping off this research, a major conference is being held in Tel Aviv on March 8 for feminist leaders, activists, and donors from Israel and America to come together to explore the research and to chart a map for a stronger future of gender-equality efforts and women’s empowerment in Israel.  


The research is an effective tool that will be used to help inform NCJW’s evidence-based funding in Israel. NCJW will also leverage the research to foster partnerships and matching grant programs with entities such as the Genesis Foundation, which this year awarded its special laureate’s prize to Natalie Portman, whose award money will be granted to philanthropic programs advancing women’s equality. 


 5. Why should I support IGP? 


By supporting NCJW’s Israel Granting Program, you are powerfully channeling your philanthropic support with an organization whose values align with yours. We have a track record of creating real and lasting social change in Israel, with an emphasis on women as change-makers. NCJW conducts a rigorous process of vetting the organizations and projects it supports to ensure they meet the highest standards of excellence and effectiveness, including a review of measurable outcomes. 


6. How do I (or my section) make a gift to IGP? 


Sections or individual donors may support the Israel Granting Program at any level they choose. It may be valuable to speak with your section’s board to introduce a line item in the budget dedicated to IGP, if it does not already exist. All gifts will be allocated to the overall granting program and will be used where the need is greatest. A section can make a gift allocation from their treasury or they can fundraise and recruit donors for IGP. Gifts are accepted by check or credit card. When submitting a check, please be sure to indicate “Israel Granting Program” in the memo line. 


7. If my section is unable to afford an IGP gift this year, what are other ways we can help raise funds?  


There are many ways your section can raise funds to support the Israel Granting Program, and the NCJW, Inc. staff would be happy to help you brainstorm and implement those fundraising and advocacy efforts. Instead of making a gift allocation from your treasury, your section can fundraise for the Israel Granting Program by soliciting from local members or individuals. Once the funds are collected, a gift would be made to IGP on behalf of your section. Here are a couple of ways to fundraise for IGP:  

  • Host a fundraising event in your community.  
  • Ask a section member to offer a match for all funds received for IGP 
  • Dedicate an online appeal or campaign to IGP 
  • Plan a parlor meeting and invite a speaker from NCJW, Inc. 
  • Coordinate with NCJW Inc. to create an online peer-to-peer fundraising campaign  


8. I have additional questions. With whom can I speak? 


Dina Charnin, Director, Israel Policy and Programs,, 212 870 2745