AVDA Client Storm Stories

Date September 28, 2017 | Tags:

PRI’s The World covered the aftermath of Harvey and it’s impact on domestic abuse survivors on September 27 in “For domestic abuse survivors, finding safety amid natural disasters is ‘very complicated’.”

For domestic abuse survivors, finding safety amid natural disasters is ‘very The hurricanes affected everyone in their path. But these natural disasters also highlight deep social divides. They make it clear that, in an increasingly mobile world, not everyone is mobile. Not everyone gets to leave. And not everyone gets to come back.

The NCJW Client Emergency Assistance Fund provides much-needed assistance to survivors of domestic abuse who are in truly desperate circumstances, and this need has been especially great in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. Below, you can read the stories of 6 women who are survivors of both abuse and Harvey.

Rosa was evacuated by boat. Luckily, she and her children are safe, but she lost everything in the flood. Her apartment was completely destroyed, and since she worked at the apartment complex, she lost her place of employment and wages, too. The complex told her that she had until September 7, to get all of her things, but the complex was under mandatory evacuation until that time. She is currently living with friends.


Kindla had to evacuate due to flooding. Her home was damaged, and all of her furniture was destroyed alongside her two children’s clothing and toys. She applied to FEMA and received emergency food stamps only. She isn’t able to return to work for the time being because her job site is down.


Tiffany ’s home flooded. She is currently living in a hotel and is working while trying to decide how to put her life back together.


For Tatanisha, the flooding came in her garage, causing the garage door to fall off its hinges. She had to borrow money to repair it. However, the biggest impact was to her employment. She drives for Uber while attending school, and unfortunately lost wages when she was unable to work the week of the storm. Now, she anticipates being behind on her bills.


Lacetia is a mother of 4 young children. During the hurricane, her apartment flooded. The children’s room and the living room were the areas most affected, and they lost living room furniture and the children’s clothing, toys, beds, and other belongings. They are currently staying in temporary lodging provided by FEMA.


D’ona’s apartment was flooded during the hurricane. After being evacuated by boat, she was taken to the GRB and registered with FEMA which placed her and her children in a hotel in Humble. She is now safe and living with her sister who lives much closer to her children’s school, but she lost all of the children’s school supplies and clothes along with all the belongings in their home.


Your support of NCJW Houston helps these women and families find refuge from all the storms in their world.