Never Give Up @HoustonStrong

Date September 6, 2017 | Tags:

Wondering about the image on our homepage and Facebook page? Here’s the story:

photo by Taylor and Jackson Allen; artwork by Mark Andrew Allen

“My husband, Mark Andrew Allen, is an artist and this piece was done in 1994, as you can see from the date and time on the bottom.  It was found behind his childhood bed, in the home he grew up in on Braesheather.

“The home was completely flooded, and most of the contents have been ruined and lost.  But, it is a powerful piece, even with the water damage.  Says a lot about the people of Texas and Houston.

“His 88 year father was alone, at the family home and had to be evacuated.  He was without a cell phone, and we lost touch with him for 3 days.  We live in Los Angeles, so it was even harder for us to watch from far away and not be able to get there to help.

“Apparently he was picked up by a dump truck, according to a neighbor, it was only until then we were able to confirm he was no longer in the house. I found a photo from the NY Times the next day, that had a man, alone and hanging onto the side of the truck that was stranded and flooded, the water was up to his knees, the police officers were standing on the top of the cab, the water was so high, there was a family, a woman with a baby and some animals as well in the back of the truck.  From here we were able to locate the police officer, that said that a rescue boat came and picked up my father in law, Harrison Allen, and he was dropped off at the 610 and Braeswood, and from there we couldn’t track where he was taken.

“MY brother in law, Bradley Allen, from Austin, and his two sons, Taylor and Jackson, combed the shelters with flyers for 2 days, the convention center had 10,000 people, a CNN crew saw the flyers and wanted to tell the story, so Chris Cuomo, from CNN,  aired his photo on Wednesday evening and within 5 minutes, he was found by a call from a manager of a hotel, who had taken in about 100 flood victims and had remembered my father in law being one of them and was staying at that hotel, so we were in immediate touch with him.. Just an amazing story, and we are so grateful.  All because, our family goes by this, NEVER GIVE UP!!”

-Laura Lynn Allen