Designing Hear Us ROAR!

Date April 11, 2017 | Tags: 2016, Gala, Hear Us ROAR!

Every detail of a large scale program requires time and money. Planning a gala is much like planning a wedding, except rather than being one and done, it is repeated year after year. Every year, the the National Council of Jewish Women, Greater Houston Section raises much of our annual budget through our fundraiser gala. We rely on the generous commitment of our community partners to help support what we do.


Last year, we relied on the generous design contributions of Brad Barber. He donated his services for all our public relations and graphic design needs. Typically we must budget a significant portion of our overall expenses for graphic design, but because of his generous donation of services we were able to take more of the money we raised and put it directly to work within the Greater Houston community.

He harnessed his years of experience to create images that perfectly captured the feeling we wanted to the evening. We gave him words like women’s suffrage, girl power, glamour, and speakeasy and he turned them into our theme – Hear Us ROAR! – with imagery to match. Thanks in no small part to his acumen and skill, we had one of our most highly attended galas in years!

Brad designed our printed materials including inviation, letterhead, and program, as well as our online graphics for Facebook, social sharing, and email communications. He also provided invaluable guidance for our press releases and social media advertising.

hearusroarsquareIf you have design needs in the future, we highly recommend Brad. You can contact him at:

2300 Union St., Unit F • Houston, Texas 77007